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Back to School Teeth Cleaning in Orlando Florida

Back to School Teeth Cleaning in Orlando Florida

Back to School Teeth Cleaning in Orlando Florida

As the school year begins, it’s important that kids and teenagers have their regular back-to-school dental checkups. Even if their teeth seem healthy, a teeth cleaning allows the dentist to monitor their teeth development, provide a thorough cleaning to combat decay, and help protect their teeth from potential cavities. Consider a teeth cleaning in Orlando at our Strategic Dental Care office. We can help your kid start the school year off right and give you the peace of mind that their oral health is good. Find out what to expect during back-to-school teeth cleaning and how it can improve your child’s oral health for the future.

As your kid returns to school in a few weeks, they’ll be faced with new classes, teachers, and new ways for sneaky tooth decay to form. With school lunches, vending machine snacks and busy school schedules that can distract your kid from brushing their teeth, cavities start to become common among many school children. To give your kid their best chance at excelling this school year and with their oral health, make sure to schedule them teeth cleaning so that their teeth can be clean and fresh for the new school year. 

Back to School Teeth Cleaning in Orlando Florida

There are many reasons why dental checkups are suitable for kids, other than the fact that their teeth will be cleaned of plaque and enamel-eating bacteria. Our teeth cleaning in Orlando involves the use of a fast vibrating hand scaler which rapidly removes the stone-like calculus from around the teeth and even below the gums to effectively restore gingival health. Our hygienists at Strategic Dental Care also go the extra mile to explain to your kids how they can maintain good oral hygiene at home, and what techniques to use when brushing or flossing, to get the best results every time.

As a parent, help your child understand the importance of regular dental checkups and how they help keep teeth healthy and strong. It is easy for a healthy adult to take care of their oral hygiene at home, but it is your kid who often has a difficult time navigating their way through the routine. Educate the kids about the risks and dangers of not cleaning the teeth and gums daily, and monitor what your kids eat throughout the day. Encourage healthy snacking whenever possible by substituting sugar store-bought snacks with fresh fruit and vegetables. Try not to keep any artificially flavored or fizzy drinks in the house, and remind them to keep drinking water at intervals. For extra protection against tooth decay, visit the dental office for a quick fissure sealant treatment that creates a barrier between the intraoral environment and the enamel of teeth that are most susceptible to caries. The procedure is painless and non-invasive.

If you haven’t scheduled your child’s back-to-school dental checkup, call us today at 407-284-1645. At Strategic Dental, your child will receive the best teeth whitening in Orlando. Whether they need cleaning or filling, we can fulfill your child’s oral health needs at an affordable price. Schedule an appointment today so that you and your family can be extra prepared for the new school year!

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