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After Dental Implant Surgery

After Dental Implant Surgery

Patient care recommendations following implant surgery

Rest is the most important recommendation following implant surgery.
Getting plenty of rest in the 48 to 72 hours following implant surgery will limit any post-surgery bleeding and help the mouth and gums heal quicker. Patients should drink plenty of fluids, but nothing too cold. Reduce swelling around the face by applying an ice pack in 20-minute intervals for two days. If the implant was placed in the upper portion of your mouth, you should not blow your nose for a period of two weeks. If you have to blow your nose, do so gently.
It is normal for bleeding to occur in the area of the implant for 2 to 3 days following surgery. The area of the implant may be uncomfortable for the first two days and you could also experience a mild fever. If you're not feeling better by the third day, call your dentist. If you're hungry, you can eat but try not to chew directly on the wound.

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