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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care


It’s never too early to start caring for the teeth of your children.

Positive oral hygiene for your children starts when they are infants, regardless of whether a mother is nursing or bottle feeding a child.
Dentists recommend that a child’s gums be wiped with gauze or a warm, wet washcloth after each feeding, even before any teeth have broken through. When teeth begin to appear, they should be cleaned regularly. Infant toothbrushes are available that have smaller brushing heads for smaller mouths.
Your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled as soon as the first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. Your child’s teeth will be kept healthy by removing plaque build-up and food debris that could be stuck in the teeth. Regular cleanings will keep teeth free from debris which could lead to other dental diseases. Best of all, the child becomes familiar with going to the dentist and having a dentist or hygienist working on their teeth.
Pediatric care not only includes advice on proper methods to brush and floss, but also suggestions on eating and drinking habits that will help protect a child’s teeth and gums. Good habits include avoiding foods that are high in sugar and starch, and drinks or juices that contain high levels of sugar. If your child uses a bottle to fall asleep, never allow the bottle to remain in the child’s mouth after they have fallen asleep.

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