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What the Best Dental Treatment in Orlando Can Do For You

What the Best Dental Treatment in Orlando Can Do For You

What the Best Dental Treatment in Orlando Can Do For You

What the Best Dental Treatment in Orlando Can Do For You

Finding a new dentist can be a tricky process. You may be moving to Orlando and are in search of a new provider, dissatisfied with your current provider, or receiving dental care for the first time. It is important to have a dentist that you can depend on to give you the best oral care treatment possible. That’s where Strategic Dental Care comes in, with consistent and affordable dental treatments you can rely on, you can ensure you’re getting the best dental treatment in Orlando.

What the Best Dental Treatment in Orlando Can Do For You

At Strategic Dental Care, we offer all kinds of services and constantly study new technology to add new custom services to the list. Our plethora of services can ensure you’re receiving the best dental treatment in Orlando. Of course, dental hygiene starts in your very own home, not at the clinic. That’s why we love helping our patients manage their own oral hygiene. With the help of our Strategic Dental Care team, we can ensure you develop a healthy dental hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy.

No matter how many times you brush and floss your teeth, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, routine check-ups and cleaning visits are vital for your dental health. It is incredibly important that you get a routine check-up at least twice a year. This routine check-up can ensure you aren’t developing infections in your teeth or gums, unwanted dental movements, and to check on the progress of any ongoing dental treatments. 

If you have tooth pain, that may be a sign of a decayed tooth. In this case, filling may be the best course of treatment, especially if the tooth remains structurally sound. The decayed portion of the tooth will be removed and filled with a composite resin material or a traditional silver amalgam material. If the tooth isn’t structurally sound, then restorative care treatment may be needed to repair the decayed tooth. Some of those treatments include crowns, bridges, implants, or root canals. All in all, our restorative treatments will prevent future oral health issues and bring back your natural smile.

If you happen to be uncomfortable showing off your smile, due to missing, chipped, discolored or crooked teeth, then allow us to enhance and revamp your smiles with our array of cosmetic treatments. Some of our treatments include veneers, teeth whitening, lumineers, and composite bonding. With cutting-edge technology and advanced materials, you can have the trust that you’re receiving the right treatment in order to rebuild your confidence to smile.  

At Strategic Dental Care, we want to focus on your needs, and make it easy for you to achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you dreamed of. That’s why we offer prices that can’t be beat by competitors, and provide special offers for the best dental treatment. At Strategic Dental Care, we’re ready to assist you and your family today. Allow our trustworthy and personable team, give you the best dental treatment in Orlando.

What the Best Dental Treatment in Orlando Can Do For You

“I had a great experience! The entire staff was friendly, thorough and very professional. The office is clean and modern, and Dr. Tayal along with Ashley the assistant were amazing! I highly recommend this office.”

Kevin M.

“The staff is so personable at Strategic Dental Care. The doctors are all wonderful and truly care about the patients. The assistants make you truly comfortable while your in the dental chair. The office is high tech and all digital. The office is conveniently located off Strategy Blvd. and easy to locate. Can’t wait for my next visit!”

Melissa K.

“Incredibly friendly staff at Strategic Dental Care. The office was loaded with new equipment and everything was extremely clean. Every effort was made by the dentist and staff to make me feel comfortable. All treatments were explained before they were started which made me feel good about what they were doing. I’ve already recommended Strategic to a number of my friends.”

Jason R.