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Premier Orlando Dental Care

Premier Orlando Dental Care

Premier Orlando Dental Care

Let’s be honest, we have all been divulging in our favorite junk foods more recently ever since COVID-19 forced us to work from home. As we go about each day, we find comfort in eating from those fast food restaurants we see advertised on tv. Many have called on us to support small business, which has ultimately burned a hole in our pockets. With this all happening right now, the last thing you need is to worry about spending a large amount of money on dental services. Strategic Dental provides the best care for your teeth during a time that you really need it. At our Orlando dental care clinic, clients find the right services for the right prices.

Now let’s talk about one of the biggest worries nowadays when it comes to our teeth; the repair services for any damage done by your favorite comfort foods during quarantine. We at this Orlando dental care facility safely provide the best services for restorative work to your pearly whites. We all know the effects of eating fast food but still consistently do so. Our teeth can easily decay and leave us needing a repair. While the pandemic continues, the worry about money and health is the most important, so don’t forget about your mouth when taking care of yourself!

With our teeth becoming more sensitive as time goes on, the importance of restoring the cleanliness of our smiles grows even more. We bring the best cleaning and dental cares services to Orlando, Florida. Our restorative and dental hygiene team is composed of experts who have studied for many years and know just what your mouth needs to be the best it can be. With crowns and fillings that will leave you ready to continue eating like nothing happened, we are ready to give your teeth the service they deserve. Working as a team is what we, at this Orlando Dental Care center focus on and that starts with you.

Orlando Dental Care

Our dental specialists in Orlando work together to find the best approach to restoring your smile with the necessary steps. Our repair services at this Orlando Dental Care by Strategic Dental includes many top quality works such as crowns or mouth guards to keep from further tooth decay. Our website will be able to explain our services and provide more info on scheduling an appointment today.

With COVID-19 cases surging throughout the state, our focus continues to be assuring the safety of our clients and employees. With strict mask wearing, hourly cleanings and temperature checks, we leave you feeling confident that you safely received the best treatment for your teeth. Located conveniently at 12250 Strategy Blvd, our premier Orlando dental care offices are ready to restore your beautiful smile. Don’t wait, make an appointment with us today and get a head start on repairing your smile!

“I had a great experience! The entire staff was friendly, thorough and very professional. The office is clean and modern, and Dr. Tayal along with Ashley the assistant were amazing! I highly recommend this office.”

Kevin M.

“The staff is so personable at Strategic Dental Care. The doctors are all wonderful and truly care about the patients. The assistants make you truly comfortable while your in the dental chair. The office is high tech and all digital. The office is conveniently located off Strategy Blvd. and easy to locate. Can’t wait for my next visit!”

Melissa K.

“Incredibly friendly staff at Strategic Dental Care. The office was loaded with new equipment and everything was extremely clean. Every effort was made by the dentist and staff to make me feel comfortable. All treatments were explained before they were started which made me feel good about what they were doing. I’ve already recommended Strategic to a number of my friends.”

Jason R.